Unfortunately, despite the disproportionate incidence of addiction in the LGBT community, few LGBT addiction resources exist that offer tailored recovery to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities. In fact, many LGBT individuals find conflicts as they approach drug addiction recovery, battling lack of tolerance in residential settings, preconceived notions from addiction counselors or a lack of understanding as to their life pressures and struggles. For this reason, many LGBT individuals struggling against prescription or street drug addictions desire to be treated in progressive atmospheres in which they will not have to defend their respective sexualities and can instead focus solely on recovery.

Finding LGBT Addiction Resources

Even the process of locating LGBT-friendly addiction resources can be a frustrating one for many sexual minorities. Below we have listed some starting points that may help LGBT individuals locate the compassionate and expert drug treatment they need to embark on a sober future.

  • Local LGBT Advocacy Agencies
    Some local LGBT health and advocacy agencies can make recommendations for addiction treatment centers with a reputation for tolerance. However, for many individuals, specialized needs such as Dual Diagnosis capacity, on-site detoxification services and level of customized treatment also factor in as they assess drug addiction solutions. Many LGBT advocacy groups can help with the selection process as well, offering tips for those assessing and entering residential drug treatment programs across the country, to ensure safety and well-being during the recovery process.
  • Insurance Companies
    Most insurance companies will provide referrals to drug addiction treatment programs in their coverage network. Those who have located LGBT-friendly drug addiction recovery options can confirm coverage with their health insurance company. Additionally, insurance companies can be indispensable for helping to locate therapists and physicians during the aftercare process with a stated expertise in treating LGBT patients and those struggling with addiction issues.
  • Referral Agencies
    Many reputable drug addiction referral agencies have years of experience vetting LGBT-friendly drug rehabilitation centers. Contacting a drug addiction recovery helpline can not only help LGBT individuals locate competent drug treatment programs with experience in treating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered individuals, but can also help acclimate prospective patients to the enrollment, intake and financing processes.

Gathering LGBT Addiction Resources

Our professional staff of addiction recovery specialists would count it a privilege to help you locate an LGBT drug addiction facility to help meet your needs. With in-depth knowledge of some of the nation’s most reputable residential drug treatment facilities, our specialists also carry sensitivity to the unique challenges, social issues and struggles that LGBT individuals face in confronting drug addiction.