Drug and Alcohol Treatment Help for LGBT Community

The gay and lesbian community experiences its share of drug addiction problems. In a world where intolerance still reigns, many gay and lesbian individuals struggle with unique stressors that can lead to drug abuse in an effort to cope. From the estrangement from family members to the fears associated with the coming out process, the LGBT community experiences unique challenges that can compound existing drug addictions as well. Some rehabilitation options can heighten these stressors, particularly if individuals in recovery do not receive the tolerance and acceptance they deserve. Fortunately, there are LGBT drug rehabilitation centers that offer compassionate care in a tailored and confidential environment for those in the gay and lesbian community.

Drug Rehab Programs

LGBT drug rehab programs offer members of the gay and lesbian community a safe environment in which they can focus on their recovery without distraction. Specialized LGBT treatment centers also allow gay and lesbian individuals to deal with the root causes of their drug abuse issues in both individualized and group-centered therapy in a setting where others can relate to their experiences. Since support is such a major part of any drug treatment process, mutual support can also help facilitate recovery. We help the LGBT community everyday find the right program. If you’d like to know at any time, our representatives are available day and night to answer your questions (855-396-3011). Learn more about finding the right rehab center.

The Addiction Treatment Process

In an LGBT addiction rehab program, recovering addicts will undergo the same process that they would in any other type of recovery facility.  After diagnostic testing, a detox plan is created and carried out to help free the body of drugs and allow chemical balance to restore. Specialized issues such as acceptance of sexual orientation, relationships with friends and family, incorporation of spiritual beliefs into their respective self-views and social pressures – both from outside of and within the gay community – can all be addressed in therapy sessions. Drug rehabilitation programs also teach stress reduction, conflict resolution skills and anger management skills that can help LGBT individuals cope with the unique stressors they encounter in the outside world in a way they may not have been capable of previously. Aftercare specialists can also work with LGBT individuals to create an action plan for the time following successful drug rehabilitation, gathering social support, physician and therapist referrals, and organizing environmental changes that may engender continued sobriety.

Getting Treatment

At times, LGBT addicts may feel reticent to seek help, either due to the forces of denial, social pressures or a reluctance to admit weakness or encourage stereotypes. However, obtaining effective addiction treatment is a right of every individual – gay, straight, bisexual or transgendered. If you or someone you love could benefit from compassionate and effective drug rehabilitation services, we invite you to call our hotline. Our caring and confidential staff members would be happy to speak with you, at any hour of day or night, seven days a week. 855-396-3011

We are available day and night even if you just need someone to talk to. Our admissions coordinators provide a confidential assessment and will review with you the best treatment options for the situation if you need it.
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