If you are lesbian, gay, transgendered or bisexual, you need a rehab experience that allows you to feel comfortable with your identity and safe to express your life challenges openly.

What LGBT Rehabilitation Programs Have to OfferLGBT Safe Rehab Programs

Your life experiences are unique. You want a treatment program that will treat you with dignity, respect and understanding. While there are many places where LGBT persons still encounter prejudice, misunderstanding and even hostility, rehab should be a safe place for you to express yourself and feel welcomed. LGBT specialty programs offer a safe place for you to receive quality rehab treatment and support. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and transgender specialty programs offer welcoming care, and they recruit and offer treatment specialists with a high level of professionalism and expertise. Some programs still try to “fix” the sexual orientation of recovering persons. Rehab treatment should treat the addiction and emotional difficulties you are experiencing. Rehab should be free of all discrimination and should not try to change you as a person. If you want to learn more about specialty programs, call us now.

How Is LGBT Integrated Treatment Different?

Specialty integrated addiction treatment provides the best chance at long-term addiction recovery. Integrated rehab treatment takes traditional addiction treatment and adds high quality evidence-based mental health care. This provides the following for each patient:

  • Improved communication and understanding
  • Improved success rates and relapse prevention
  • Treatment for trauma, PTSD and experiences of bullying or discrimination
  • Treatment for underlying emotional issues such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder
  • Greater preparation for real-world situations
  • Improved relationships with loved ones
  • Assistance dealing with family issues and being accepted by loved ones
  • Counselors who can help you through struggles with diversity, coming out and self-confidence
  • Supportive group sessions that allow open interaction about personal struggles, emotional journeys and real-life recovery

You should expect the same services in LGBT specialty treatment that you would find in any other treatment program. These basic services include the following:

  • Medically supervised detox services
  • Counseling and psychotherapy
  • Full assessment and evaluation
  • Psychiatric services and mental health care
  • Group therapy
  • Aftercare

Find LGBT Rehabilitation and Addiction Treatment Now

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